wedding and elopement photographer

Logan (husband)
Schroeder (dog), Albert (cat)
& Willie (cat)


phoenix, arizona


mikaela huemiller


I'm Mikaela. I’ve been shooting weddings for over FIVE years, and it has been an absolutely amazing experience to be completely enveloped in times that are filled with so much love, happiness, intimacy, beauty, and of course, cake... :)

My heart skips a beat when I see how much others love, and can be loved. In 2018, I married my best friend, Logan. He is a huge part of my life and a great supporter of my passion; I love him more than coffee (which is A LOT)!

I really enjoy creative, unique, and authentic couples who are excited to explore wild adventures together. I'm a natural light, golden sun lover kind of photographer and cherish capturing the unscripted moments of life, and the most pure laughter and joy this world has to offer.

Together, we can create everlasting memories that you will cherish and reflect on for a lifetime and longer.

this is who i am

this is my husband, logan.
My forever chicken nuggie buddy,
the best whiskey critic,
and A+ furbaby father


the desert will always have my heart. I find calm in the chaos of everyday life amongst tall prickly things (Love me Some cacti). But trees? waterfalls? cliffs? those are all super cool too.


normal disney. halloween disney. christmas disney. i love it all.