It is important to me fo us to be a good fit. I want to ensure that your wedding day is absolutely everything you've dreamed of and more! My desire is to give you that gift! 

what you should expect

let's create magic together

This isn't going to be a day of staged, awkward feeling, forced smiles, and poses you see every day on the internet. While I love a stunning sunset, a bright sun flare, and a stellar veil shot, I love the "imperfectly-perfect" shot so much more. 

I'm not a vendor and you're not my client. We're friends. It's cheesy and weird, but I get really invested in my couples, and their big day. By being SO invested in each couple and their big day, I feel I can best serve your needs and bring your dreams to reality. 

i do things a little bit differently

A couple more things you should know

do whatever the heck you want!

I’ve been to quite a few weddings, so I have a lot of random knowledge when it comes to weddings. The do’s, do not's, how to save $$$, get the most out of your day, create memories with your friends and family, plan, prepare, and how to be ready for after the big day is over.

I’m happy to help in any way that I can to make sure this is a an experience that's easy, breezy and beautiful.

I want photography to be more than something on your checklist of things to do for your wedding, next to centerpieces, florals, bridal party dresses and more. Photography is really one of the few things that lasts past your wedding day, and it’s something that I want you to be able to look back at these photos for decades and feel the love you feel for each other right now.

The best part about planning your wedding? You're completely entitled to

Whatever it is that will make your day feel like your own, I’m here to be your biggest cheerleader and to help you every step of the way.

Keep things stress-free!

** gag **

My main focus above all else is that my couples are having a good time. Most couples will show up saying “Sorry, we’re awkward and hate getting our photo taken” (you know who you are) and by the end they’re going on about how easy and fun it was. Trust me, getting photos taken doesn’t have to suck or be awkward in any way, and I will make sure you have a comfortable and fun experience. 

I'm not going to make you do any
cheesy shit that feels forced.

My style is heavily focused on real moments. Nothing staged, nothing forced, nothing set up, no awkward half smiles. It’s the real good stuff.

Have a damn good time!